Friday, January 19, 2007


Getting Started

I've always thought it was cool the way various coaches in the NFL have history working on coaching staffs of other coaches before getting their starts.

I want to try and start tracking the history of NFL coaching trees. I will need help filling in some gaps. I also need to figure a way to do a graphic representation of the tree.

For instance, New Orleans' Sean Payton worked on the staffs of Bill Parcells and Jim Fassel before getting his first head coaching job in the NFL, so he would have uplines to both coaches.

However, Eric Mangini only worked on the Bill Belichick staff, so he would have just one upline.

working on something similar. I make note of the fact that there are defensive & offensive coaches in football; for example; I wouldn't argue that John Fox (a former DC) learned his defense from Jim Fassel (then HC, former OC), while he was with the giants. I like the multiple uplines for coaching under multiple tutors.
my biggest challenge: where does it stop!
everyone learned from somewhere, IE is bill walsh the start of a tree or is his mentor, Paul Brown? Or is it paul browns mentor?
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